Why do feminists refuse to admit that women are already equal in the western world?

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  • Why do feminists refuse to admit that women are already equal in the western world?


Answer #1 | 05/06 2017 03:15
because then they cant victimize themselves anymore to demand more privileges on cost of men. ---
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Answer #2 | 05/06 2017 03:19
Most of the time, women in this case love to beg for attention. Obviously, not all women are like this, but the ones that do refuse to admit this could say it for a number of reasons. One being that they may just hate men. Another could be that they have had some sort of past experience to drive them to believe this. However, living in a country like the U.S, most of us know very well that women (for the most part) are treated equally here in the U.S. Good luck to you, my friend!
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Anonymous88527 | 25/07 2017 06:44
Maybe because they , those partícular femenists Werent smart enough to earn as much as their male conterparts.
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Answer #4 | 05/06 2017 03:05
Then how would they justify their anger? They are addicted to their anger and can't give it up.
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Answer #5 | 05/06 2017 03:40
if women in the west are equal, then there's nothing to fight for anymore, feminism will have served its purpose and no longer be necessary in the west. women are not equal world wide, but places like the middle east or africa where women are still oppressed are scary places, so it's easier to ignore that they exist and start nitpicking about social inequalities, like men having a preference to date pretty girls rather than anybody who asks.
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Anonymous357104 | 21/08 2017 03:40
Because they'd lose their funding
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Anonymous406762 | 28/10 2017 21:37
I would assume it is because they mostly belong to the DNC which still seems to convince free people they are slaves. DNC may be trapped in the fifties mindset ?
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Answer #8 | 05/06 2017 03:05
cause woman are crybaby since their born
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