Why do Christians suffer witches to live?

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  • Why do Christians suffer witches to live?


Answer #1 | 07/01 2017 13:22
I always found this odd. TODAY, Christians will tell you (correctly) that witches, as described in the Bible, do not now, nor have ever, existed. But, when you point out the Biblical passage you mentioned, and ask them to explain why a god would instruct people to kill things that don't exist? You get stupefied looks from them.
Answer #2 | 07/01 2017 13:28
Many don't.
Answer #3 | 07/01 2017 13:19
They didn't used to back in the burning days. Whatever Christians disliked about witches, surely they must find the infidel Muslims to be far worse.
Answer #4 | 07/01 2017 13:18
no we don't.. we BUUURNNN witches!
Answer #5 | 07/01 2017 14:14
Because "Thou Shalt Not Kill".
Answer #6 | 07/01 2017 13:57
We are not told to execute them.
Answer #7 | 07/01 2017 15:32
Most of the denominations stopped teaching that witches were real. There are still plenty of places in Africa where Christians kill witches, though.
Answer #8 | 08/01 2017 18:36
Because that's a Jewish law for the nation of Israel just like it says at the begining of the book of the law! We dont live in Israel! So we don't obey Israel's law which say this is the book of the law given to mosses from God for Israel!

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