Why didn't Arab Muslims conquer and islaminize China during the medieval age?

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  • Why didn't Arab Muslims conquer and islaminize China during the medieval age?


Anonymous891283 | 31/12 2019 22:44
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Answer #2 | 05/03 2017 01:31
Cause your are an idiot
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Answer #3 | 04/03 2017 00:02
Islam has existed in China for 1400 years! Some areas were Muslim countries that were absorbed into what we now call China, in other areas the people chose to convert to Islam. Currently there are around 23 million Muslims in the country.
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Answer #4 | 05/03 2017 22:38
The Great Wall of China kept them out. Throughout history, Muslims have tried and tried to take over other lands but have NEVER won. They need to just stay put, in their own Muslim country, make the best of it and leave everyone else alone.
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Answer #5 | 03/03 2017 20:24
Too large and too far away.
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Answer #6 | 03/03 2017 23:58
Because China was far too powerful and big for the Muslims to have the slightest chance of taking them over militarily.
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Answer #7 | 05/03 2017 21:19
The PERSIAN Muslims Islamised China in the twelfth century: the 1100s. This opened the way, oddly enough, for the Jews to enter China also, for at that time the Jews lived within Islam like a tiny safe little cocoon. In Bagdad, the capital of the real, original Caliphate, there was a Prince of the House of David called the Roshagolah or "Exilarch" who was descended through Fatima's daughter Dara, from the Prophet Mohammed. They sent a relative of his to establish a Jewish colony and synagogue in Kaifeng or Kaifong in 1163 after the Caliphate had Islamised China. This minor Jewish prince married a princess of the old Wei kingdom and silted up the Hang-he or Yellow River there to isolate Keifang, China. They had a monopoly on the cotton trade well into the Twenties--the 1920s under Shang Kaishek.
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Answer #8 | 04/03 2017 13:16
Because China was more advanced then them and had far more powerful militaries
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Answer #9 | 04/03 2017 19:34
They attempted in 751 (battle of River Talas in Kyrgyzia). The Chinese Empire tasted defeat. But nothing enduring was achieved by the Arabs. In fact the Chinese influence increased in central Asia at the cost of Arab influence. Yet Arabs achieved what they set out to - Central Asia was Islamised. Another (if I may say so) is that the Central Asians became Arab surrogates in spreading Islam ..They did that in South Asia (India).
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Answer #10 | 05/03 2017 21:23
Maybe it's because of the great wall of China. it kept out the invading forces to some degree Islam only became to be in middle 5th century out of middle east. placing China away from any possible invasion by the Islamic Empires,
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Answer #11 | 03/03 2017 19:53
Why didn't European Christians conquer and Christianize China during the Medieval period?
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Answer #12 | 05/03 2017 04:18
Arabs conquered China religiously.
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Answer #13 | 04/03 2017 01:50
Those Arabs only got as far as Persia with their caliphate before it the Mongols destroyed it.
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Anonymous744874 | 21/07 2019 13:01
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Anonymous504871 | 02/08 2019 22:23
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Answer #16 | 03/03 2017 23:36
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Answer #17 | 04/03 2017 01:48
All the invaders of China have either been assimilated or left! China has been invaded more times then history records. Starting (according to the latest information) Egyptians before the common era. The two routes of conquest from the middle east (excluding the sea routes) just are not compatible with camels! That is a lot of land to cover and to maintain a line of communication. Often by the time an invading army could get to China it would no longer contain members of the starting force. While several invasions have taken place from bordering locations into Europe- the reverse just has not been successful. The Mongrels and the Huns were pretty autonomous fighting units that did not maintain communications with the "Home land" (for want of a better term). Consider Alexander the Great who got bogged down in India. It is a logistics nightmare!
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Anonymous71341 | 15/10 2019 18:53
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Answer #19 | 03/03 2017 19:37
They were busy fighting against the crusades
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Anonymous761873 | 24/01 2020 15:03
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Anonymous405197 | 17/02 2020 14:07
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