why did this old man on the street ask for my dad's links yesterday?

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  • why did this old man on the street ask for my dad's links yesterday?


Answer #1 | 05/07 2008 19:52
mustache rides? I dont' want to know!!! This is a strange question.....personally i wouldnt be taking candy from someone on the street
Answer #2 | 05/07 2008 20:11
whats a mustache ride and why are you taking candy from this man ? tell your parents about this you could be in danger... this isnt safe at all... tell them before its too late dont go near this man anymore... and tell you parents right now..... this man is a stranger.... and this whole thing with the candy is not right.... tell now......
Answer #3 | 05/07 2008 20:04
mustache rides?
Answer #4 | 05/07 2008 19:55
I think you should tell your parents about this man. PLEASE! It doesn't sound safe.
Answer #5 | 05/07 2008 20:22
Answer #6 | 05/07 2008 20:37
first off, I wanna ask u a question. WTF is a mustache ride? I dont think I wanna know. Why r u taking candy and "mustache rides" from someone u dont know!! Ur CRAZYYYY
Answer #7 | 06/07 2008 00:24
woah..... youre doing that with a guy who you dont even know.. and hes old ?????
Answer #8 | 05/07 2008 22:03
It seems that the old man being so nice to you some candy often and try to make more friendly.I have no idea if he would be mad at you and stop giving you candy etc. You may find out the result he would be upset or not. Dont worry about the candy.
Answer #9 | 05/07 2008 21:55
He'll probably just give you better candy and other rides to bribe you to give him the real address. Then you can just string him along.

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