Why are you in this section?

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  • Why are you in this section?


Answer #1 | 27/03 2008 19:34
I liked how you had to add India in the question just in case we didn't know where it is. Do you ask-When in Buffalo,United States...No.. Also when someone actually from India finally sees a question in Panaji and gets excited they see its asked by a guy from "The Office".
Answer #2 | 27/03 2008 19:45
Luckily I stuffed myself with Japanese food before you asked this. I would love to dine out in India with authentic Indian food....mmmmmmmm......
Answer #3 | 27/03 2008 19:39
Actually this question also comes up on the home page so I did not have to be specific about the section I am in. I just answer questions that I believe I can. As your question requires neither knowledge about Panaji, India or anything else I feel I am justified in answering it. My question to you would be why were you in that section? Do you have enough knowledge to be answering questions in that section or do you really require information in relation to what should be found there?
Answer #4 | 27/03 2008 20:00
Three words. I love food. Just the mere discussion of it makes me happy. And I believe I'm quite knowledgeable in junk food. As proof of my scale. June
Answer #5 | 27/03 2008 20:04
wait a minute... what am i doing in this section? which way is it back to the hockey section??
Answer #6 | 28/03 2008 02:03
Before I tell you why I am in this section,I want to know why are U in this section??????
Answer #7 | 27/03 2008 21:28
I am in this section because you led me here, Jay. Now I'm lost!
Answer #8 | 27/03 2008 21:12
Im in this section cuz you are? I dunno why are you in this section?

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