why are the trees not our friends anymore?

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  • why are the trees not our friends anymore?


Answer #1 | 28/08 2006 14:53
because we're so mean to them :P
Answer #2 | 28/08 2006 14:55
Look what we have done to them and all their friends, If they could they would kill us all. Listen to "The Trees" by Rush.
Answer #3 | 28/08 2006 14:55
I wonder who told you that they were our friends to begin with ?
Answer #4 | 28/08 2006 14:55
because they think they are all grown up and don't think they need you
Answer #5 | 28/08 2006 14:55
were they ever our friend!!!
Answer #6 | 28/08 2006 14:56
they are
Answer #7 | 29/08 2006 12:33
Because you've stopped hugging them.
Answer #8 | 28/08 2006 15:15
bless you old hippy person
Answer #9 | 28/08 2006 15:06
Because they're slow to anger, and only now are they starting to go "ow" to all of the deforestation we've been perpetrating upon them and theirs. Wait till they start flexing those roots under our tarmac and asphalt and the foundations of buildings. Nothing is safe from trees. Nothing.
Answer #10 | 28/08 2006 14:59
Thjey are our friends. They give you home, food, water and much more. But we have stopped treating them as friends and consider only as resources, ignoring the life in them. We go on irritate them by such acts. On the long run they may truly turn against us and stop being even a resource. Only god can save us then

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