Why are RWD cars considered dynamically better than FWD counterparts?

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  • Why are RWD cars considered dynamically better than FWD counterparts?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 00:04
When you take a corner too fast and the car slides sideways out of the curve, in a front wheel drive car the front breaks loose and slides out. This results in the car steering wide on the turn, it's called 'understeer'. In a rear wheel drive car the rear end slides out, causing the car to turn more sharply than you're steering, which is called 'oversteer'. People who like to drive fast, sports car enthusiasts, etc., prefer oversteer to understeer. It's easier to control, and it makes the car go around the curve faster. So they prefer rear wheel drive. For just regular driving, front wheel drive has many advantages. It puts the drive wheels under the engine so there's more traction. In regular driving the steering is more responsive because the wheels pull you into a turn. One disadvantage is that the same wheels do acceleration, braking and steering, so the front tires wear faster. Now why would RWD not matter at 150 hp? Perhaps because the car doesn't go fast enough for the wheels to break free and slide sideways. Very powerful cars, you can make the wheels break free in a curve by stepping on the accelerator to speed up. But you can't do that with 150 hp.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 00:30
The first answer is very good. But even a car with 150 horses under the hood can go too fast around a corner. The magic difference is when in a fwd you start to slide a little, give it a little bit of gas to help u thru the turn. If ur going too fast, it's not a good thing with either, but for racing, rally style, ur far better off with a rwd car. Oversteer is much easier to control than understeering.
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 00:35
Smarty pants gave best overall answer though I disagree with suggestion red is best for rallying..many races won with front wheel drive I nearly days eg mini. Despite being underpowered by comparison simply due to being able to pull around a bend etc rear can be more fun as easy to slide etc. Most car magazines ,all manufacturers give awd as best, then fwd, red now being slowly killed off.

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