Why are people more interested in political parties than actually what good for the country?

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  • Why are people more interested in political parties than actually what good for the country?


Answer #1 | 02/06 2017 22:30
Dont class them up. Their called liberals. "People" implies a generality that is not present. Conservatives specifically want to save the country. Libs call us "Nationalists", which by definition is "someone who cares about their country".
Answer #2 | 02/06 2017 22:11
A political party tells the average person up front what generally the politician in question believes in. Especially in earlier decades, this was hard to get information about what any single politician's beliefs was about. A Party very publicly lists it's platform. This way, even if you didn't know anything about any of the politicians in a race, you could simply pick the one with an "R" or "D" next to their name and know and be at least in the ball park in what principles and policies they will be for in office. They don't HAVE to sign on to all the planks of a Party platform though. You, as a voter, most likely already have a rough opinion what principles and policies are good for the country. What politician running for office fits that bill can mostly be determined by simply what Party they belong too.
Answer #3 | 02/06 2017 21:53
Ita about money and the liberal fake jobs that steal from Americans , so many corrupt organizations that libs promote and make jobs for themselves not the people , When was the last time you heard a democrat talk about jobs and the economy , education , infrstructure , NEVER , ! They talk about russia and trump and how bad everybody else is but them , Its really repulsive what the liberal agenda is ,
Answer #4 | 02/06 2017 21:46
Well, to some extent the political parties have very different visions of what's good for the country. Democrats think entertainment and tech provide great, high-paying jobs. Republicans think that "having a job" is synonymous with manufacture and mining. Democrats think the highest calling of a society is to be equally just toward each citizen. Republicans think the highest calling of a society is to glorify God and obey the Bible. Democrats think that diversity makes for a stronger society. Republicans think minorities need to start dressing, speaking, and acting exactly like Republicans do. You won't agree on what's "good for the country" when you have incompatible versions of "good."
Answer #5 | 02/06 2017 21:40
good question
Answer #6 | 02/06 2017 21:42
If that was true then Hilary would have won. Trump won because he was the only politician who wasn't talking trash. And being political is talking trash as Hilary was all about political (PC trash that Washington DC is famous for).

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