Why am I Feeling like this please help :(?

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  • Why am I Feeling like this please help :(?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 23:20
First of all , why are you in such a rush ?, shes just had a hard time as you said already she has broken up with her EX few months back and it was a wht 6 year relation ? obviously shes hurt and in pain from that, you love her right give her time mate. i k you are putting a lot into this relation but you trying hard to get her to do same what you do for her and shes not liking it can u imagine her state of mind and heart, give her time, go slow. Make her feel comfortable cause ur doing the opposite at the moment don't try and rush and make her more upset thts why shes feeling similar as wht u said last if u keep this you u will end up losing her ( trying being a friend for her 1st then a bf is what i think you should do but is you choice bro cause am feeling ths wht she needs right now)
Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 00:09
Now she facing a very hard time in her life, as she recently broke difficult to handle any situations right now...First of all you have to make her heart and mind peacefully and help her out of this. Show your love towards her as friend and care taker like that and don't push it... soon she understand your love and she will come back for you...rushing thing always make messy...

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