Who should I use for an advance on my settlement?

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  • Who should I use for an advance on my settlement?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 07:50
No one. If the court set it up so that the money is turned over to you at 20, then there is no way to get it before then. You will have to find another way to purchase what ever it is you want to buy.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 17:23
It really wouldn't even be worth looking into this. insurance alone would be insane on someone only making 11 an hour. and the x5 wouldn't be great on gas. I would look for something more practical and something closer to your budget.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 17:29
If you have an acceptable reason, apply to the state. Otherwise, you'll have to wait.
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Answer #4 | 24/12 2013 21:06
If you don't know who then I doubt you understand how much those companies steal from you with the advance. There are fees and fees and fees. You'd need to be 18 to sign a contract which means you only have 2 years to wait. If you really do need the money then why not pay an attorney to see if you can get the money released by the court. If there is some sort of hardship then this might be possible. If not, you are just looking to throw a lot of money out the window.
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Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 20:27
The company advancing the money to you will take a percentage of your settlement money. Let it sit and earn interest until you're old enough. There's a reason you can't touch the money until you're 20.
Answer #6 | 24/12 2013 23:32
If anything get the 325i. My mom owns an X5 and it gets horrible gas mileage. I own a 328i (the four cylinder turbo) I get between 30-40 mpg normally. Be careful with late nineties and eary 2000s BMWs because you never know what you're going to get. Some people are very careful with maintainence and others treat their cars badly. So know who's selling it. With bimmers, repairs are costly so that's why picking the right one is important.
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