Who is wiser, Master Yoda or Mr. Miyagi?

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  • Who is wiser, Master Yoda or Mr. Miyagi?


Answer #1 | 09/02 2007 12:06
Master Yoda for sure. he has years and years of experience and has been places Mr Miyagi couldnt even imagine
Answer #2 | 09/02 2007 12:13
Mr. Miyagi. Because he never failed a pupil.....Yoda was responsible for Obi Wan...Obi Wan was responsible for Anakin...A failure backlash. The Karate Kid never lost when he followed Mr. Miyagi's instruction! Also, Mr. Miyagi found a way to train him WHILE Ralf painted his house and waxed his cars!
Answer #3 | 09/02 2007 12:11
yoda by far
Answer #4 | 09/02 2007 12:11
Obviously Yoda.
Answer #5 | 09/02 2007 12:07
Oh most definately Yoda!
Answer #6 | 09/02 2007 12:13
I think that would have to be Master Yoda, as the producers of Star Wars made a lot more money than those of Karate Kid.
Answer #7 | 09/02 2007 12:13
I was going to answer seriously and say Yoda, but only due to the years of Xp he has on Miyugi... but since thats been said I will fall on my second answer. Yogi bear. Look a free pic-a nic-a basket, eh Boo Boo.
Answer #8 | 10/02 2007 09:34
the answer is in you
Answer #9 | 10/02 2007 04:37
Master Yoda is wiser. He should be, since he has 800 years more wisdom than Mr. Miyagi. Maybe in a few hundred years Mr. Miyagi could come up with something better than "wax on, wax off".
Answer #10 | 09/02 2007 16:45
Dragon this has to go to NikkiSeven... I agree Yogi would outwit both and have the pichnic basket to boot.
Answer #11 | 09/02 2007 13:23
Master Yoda! How feel you?
Answer #12 | 09/02 2007 13:32
Very Wise, Yoda, he is!

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