Who is the better singer out of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire?

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  • Who is the better singer out of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 05:30
1.....Loretta Lynn....had to provide for herself at times when it seemed the world was against her . .Brought the sounds of rural America out to the people by the female point of view. 2.....Dolly......Came to Nashville will a mindset to win country music fans.Brought a crisp fresh country sound of the Tennessee mountains to the city. 3.....Reba.....Oklahoma rodeo singer rode to the top in country music.A country accent and heart to bridge the fans of the traditional sounds and new country sounds.
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Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 09:02
Loretta Lynn hands down.
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Answer #3 | 31/12 2013 01:42
1. Dolly,,,2. Reba.. 3 Loretta
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Answer #4 | 01/01 2014 13:32
1. Dolly Parton- Dolly has a voice that is distinctive. She is not only a singer, but a songwriter, author, actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She has done so much to the world, and country music. 2. Loretta Lynn- Loretta has stayed true to her roots even after 50 years in the business. Her voice has hardly changed, and she (along with Dolly) has such a big heart and kind personality. 3. Reba McEntire- Reba is still a great singer, however she has not done as much into the business, and her music is more of a pop/rock country, not true country.
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Answer #5 | 30/12 2013 06:40
Loretta Lynn is the best of all time . She has a country voice
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Answer #6 | 30/12 2013 14:21
I personally love Dolly, she has such a distinctive voice as well as being a smart lady Loretta Reba
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Answer #7 | 30/12 2013 05:41
In terms of talent I would rate them: 1). Dolly Parton 2). Loretta Lynn 3). Reba McEntire All three of these artists are great Country singers, and on this score, I would rate Loretta Lynn marginally in front of Dolly, with Reba a close third. Dolly is certainly a prolific songwriter, having penned over 3,000 songs. Loretta has written less than 200, and Reba only a handful. But you do not have to write songs to be a successful Country artist. Loretta raised six children, whereas Dolly has no children; Reba has 3 stepchildren and one son. Possibly Dolly had more time to write than the other two. Both Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire have had considerable success in their acting careers, whereas Loretta Lynn has always been purely a Country singer, but definitely one of the best.
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Answer #8 | 30/12 2013 05:50
Loretta Lynn, hands down! She has such a clear, true vioce. Dolly Parton. I'm not a fan of her music in the last few decades, but some of her older stuff is really good. Reba McEntire. Same as Dolly. She's ruined her music, in my eyes , by recording so much pop the last while.
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