Who is the antichrist.?

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  • Who is the antichrist.?


Answer #1 | 25/03 2009 06:48
In short, because this topic is broad, he is the opposite of Jesus Christ. He will come to rule the world and lead it into the Apocalypse. He will be the one ruler of the world for seven years. In the middle of his reign, he will be killed. He will come back to life, but will be possessed by Satan. He will say he is god after this. Hence the reason he is called the Antichrist: he came back from the dead and is controlled by Satan. At the end of his reign, he will lead an army against Israel. He will gather them at Meggido, or as we say it Armageddon, and that will be the final battle on earth.
Answer #2 | 25/03 2009 06:50
he is suppose to come from the modern day european area too
Answer #3 | 27/03 2009 19:35
The Antichrist is the next pope. His latin name is Vicarius Filii Dei. Use the Roman numerals. D=500, C=100, L=50, U,V=5, I=1. You have 666! In revelation 17:9, the woman who sits on the dragon is a religion. She is a part of a city that sits on seven hills - Rome. Check out St Malachy's prophecy on Google.

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