Who is more in the wrong here?

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  • Who is more in the wrong here?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 12:24
No one is in the wrong. Im sure they are.thankful for the cards and gifts, but some people just dont think about the fact that acknowledging your generosity is something you might want them to do. Some people are not as expressive as other, which is okay, but it would still be nice of them to thank you, but if they dont, dont feel hurt, im sure they would notice if you didnt send them something, which would mean they pay attention and appreciate the cards and gifts.. As far as the gift cards, you never know how their holiday season went. Time and money was tight for many people this year, so the fact that they thought to even send you anything at all says they did put some sort of.thought into it, but again i see your side where you have sent them more than they have sent you. I would say its just one of.those situations where you choose.your battles kind of thing. Id say let it go, not worth straining a family relationship over some giftcards and chocolate, but thats just my opinion based on my own experience with my family. Happy holidays :)
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