Who is Benjamin James accounts payable office at po box 358 hewlett ny 11557?

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  • Who is Benjamin James accounts payable office at po box 358 hewlett ny 11557?


anonymous | 11/05 2014 18:42
Mary Serafini ? 15,751.00
milline sanders | 08/08 2014 18:07
got a letter from benjamin james a financial reporting service saying i won 15,751.00 2,820,000.00 amountimprinted for inspection. po box 107 lawerence ny 11559 ither they are useing your good to rip off people wonting 20.00 dollars from everonn that james says they won or its for real please let people no
Swim | 08/04 2014 07:05
I was wondering the same thing... Did you get a letter?
elias | 12/03 2014 00:52
Is this a real place
anonymous | 11/05 2014 18:45
Why did I be so lucky ?
jeff trammel | 07/06 2014 23:44
got letter said won 15.751.00 accounts payable office benjamin james
Anonymous5472 | 03/10 2014 19:42
A crook is who he is!
Anonymous98095 | 18/10 2014 01:08
i wont to know about financial reporting services is it a scam or is it real
Anonymous76227 | 08/11 2014 04:08
he is a crook just like the secret society thats going to change your life you'l will have so much money you wouldn't know what to do with.also maria duval don't even go there.there is alot of con artist outthere that prey on seniors mostly, noone is going to give anybody anything they are all cons
Chance | 09/05 2015 04:27
Who Is Benjamin James Accounts Payable Office at PO BOX 107 Lawrence, NY 11559
Anonymous76227 | 08/11 2014 04:07
This Benjamin is a con man going after any stupid person ,that will give him 20'00 dollar of more . Look like Benjamin James has pull the wilder on a lot of people.
Anonymous3520 | 07/11 2014 07:56
Is this a scam? Received a letter from Benjamin James accounts payable office FRS Main office PO BOX 107 Lawrence, NY 11559, but letter metered from zip code 11563. Amounts won to the tune of $ 2,820,000 with a $ 20 confirmation fee to release the funds.
E. LeVine | 24/10 2014 01:40
I received a letter stating I had won $15571.00 Is this just a scam? What can one do legally?
Anonymous12099 | 06/11 2014 06:21
I got the same letter I know it was a scam because if you win something like that they shouldn't ask for a fee.

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