who do you love and y do you love them?

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  • who do you love and y do you love them?


Answer #1 | 14/09 2006 22:16
my 2 girls..... they are my whole life..........
Answer #2 | 14/09 2006 22:18
My boyfriend, because he means everything to me.
Answer #3 | 14/09 2006 22:18
I love my family because they are my family and they have taken care of me through hard times and good times. I love my husband becasue he is the best guy that i know he treats me very well and he makes me laugh and we have so many things in common. He listen to me when i am upset and tries to help me. I LOVE MY TWO WONDERFULL CHILDREN
Answer #4 | 14/09 2006 22:17
my family cuz they're good to me and they're good pple, i love my friends cuz they're good to me too and are always there for me and i luv sebastian cuz hes f-ing fine
Answer #5 | 14/09 2006 22:16
I love my wife and kids, cuz they make happy and feel good about myself.
Answer #6 | 14/09 2006 22:16
I love my boyfriend because he is so easy to love and he is a great person and he makes me happy and he makes me laugh!
Answer #7 | 14/09 2006 22:16
my son because he loves me with out condition
Answer #8 | 14/09 2006 22:16
My family because they love me
Answer #9 | 14/09 2006 22:18
I love my husband. I cant pick one reason. But I can give you a few, the list would be to long to list ALL the reasons. 1) his smell, it is like heaven 2) his smile, it lights up a room 3) his laughter, it is contigious. 4)............the list could go on and on..................
Answer #10 | 14/09 2006 22:23
I love the Lord - because I know that he loves me back... no matter what... and whatever I go through... He will always be there for me... He made it possible for me to love my parents, my husband and my children and for them to love me back. He blessed me with children so that I could wake up in the morning, because I know that I wouldn't have gone on if I didn't have them. I love Him - - - because He is why I know what love is.
Answer #11 | 16/09 2006 17:30
the one another as you love yourself without love we equal nothing life have no meaning to live is to love love bring happiness
Answer #12 | 18/09 2006 16:11
i love my family and my friends and my cats and my hamster all because they love me and we understand ourselves good!!!!!!!!
Answer #13 | 16/09 2006 12:34
i love everyone because they show me love
Answer #14 | 14/09 2006 23:50 many reasons. The best thing to ever happen to me was my husband. My parents have been there through the ugly years, and then some. I love them sooo much! God Bless Them! I have been blessed. My mother-in-law is the cutest thing going, my sister & brother in laws are awesome! We don't have "everything" - the 52" screen tv - the plasma, stuff like that, but George Carlin would say the same! I just get more stuff, where do I put the stuff! I have to buy a bigger place to put my stuff! (He's too funny!) But what we do have, is family, & I think that is what makes people rich, not money. Good question!
Answer #15 | 14/09 2006 22:40
My husband. He looks out for me, takes care of me and I do the same for him.
Answer #16 | 14/09 2006 22:44
my good friend hes so sweet
Answer #17 | 14/09 2006 22:58
My family because they are there when I need them and need someone to talk to about what is bothering me.

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