Who do hotels buy their toilet paper from?

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  • Who do hotels buy their toilet paper from?


Answer #1 | 27/10 2016 07:14
Toilet paper companies.
Positive: 55.263157894737 %
Answer #2 | 27/10 2016 17:16
Toilet paper salesmen.
Positive: 57.142857142857 %
Answer #3 | 27/10 2016 00:14
Toilet paper companies.
Positive: 52.941176470588 %
Answer #4 | 26/10 2016 23:07
depends on the hotel, but most likely a factory outlet that they have an arrangement with since they go through so much of it
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Answer #5 | 28/10 2016 00:16
Toilet paper salesmen.
Positive: 51.515151515152 %
Answer #6 | 27/10 2016 06:07
depends on the hotel, but most likely a factory outlet that they have an arrangement with since they go through so much of it
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Answer #7 | 27/10 2016 01:16
Industrial and institutional supply companies.
Positive: 51.724137931034 %
Answer #8 | 27/10 2016 08:16
Industrial and institutional supply companies.
Positive: 41.025641025641 %
Answer #9 | 27/10 2016 05:56
They grow it on toilet paper trees
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Anonymous97148 | 15/08 2019 21:54
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Answer #11 | 26/10 2016 22:56
They grow it on toilet paper trees
Positive: 37.931034482759 %
Anonymous701767 | 10/06 2020 06:01
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Anonymous694778 | 10/04 2020 06:26
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Anonymous617331 | 03/04 2021 18:20
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Anonymous9490 | 02/03 2021 15:42
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Anonymous157288 | 28/09 2020 23:24
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