Who can tell me a relationship between an Aquarius & a Capricorn?

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  • Who can tell me a relationship between an Aquarius & a Capricorn?


Answer #1 | 20/02 2017 19:40
It's the sunastry aspects between both birth charts that determine how two people get on, not their Sun signs.
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Answer #2 | 18/02 2017 23:30
I know many Aqua/Capricorn couples. I think any match can be good if there is love and understanding. I think the Cap can make the Aqua more down to earth and more direct. While the Aqua can make the Cap have more fun and look from the brighter side. Also to be deeper and less practical. They kinda complete each other since in real life, opposites do attract.
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Anonymous899417 | 21/08 2017 12:55
Aquarius man Capricorn woman relation is fascinating and they have an aloof approach about love. Manners of Capricorn hide sensuality an attachment to Aquarius. Aquarius is careless in the attitude but he is honest and true to what he says. He has an eye over past, present and future at a time and likes long-term relationship. He is conservative, intuitive and detached from his surrounding world. Capricorn woman has individuality, far-out ideas and opinions but she avoids revealing them to others. She is not controlled by emotions because she is strong and intelligent. Read More:
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