Who am I compatible in relationship?

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  • Who am I compatible in relationship?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 23:51
"I don't believe in this astrology stuff" hardly endears anyone serious to answer your question but as you've given enough details for a chart here goes. Your chart is bucket shaped with Jupiter in Cancer, (exalted), strong in your chart because it's a singleton, (you can look that up if you like), and it's the handle of your bucket. The energy flows thru' Jupiter and in your case it comes out in your early education, your communication with other people etc. In fact this is an ideal placement for some sort of teacher or something along these lines because you probably are someone who communicates in such a way that other people probably find you very interesting. Your 9th and 10th houses occupy a large part of your chart and therefore your life. A lot of Jupiter's energy is being projected into your career and your philosophy of life, story telling and long distance travel. (Actually, you have a very powerful transit from Pluto activating this area of life for you at the moment). Your Venus is in Aquarius, (also a singleton; the only planet in an air sign and so this shows your career or public life is where you are very diplomatic and pleasing etc), and this shows you like freedom, to be able to come and go as you please, especially when in a relationship. Venus also rules your 7th house of partnerships, so although partnerships are very important for you, it may be that you often feel you have to bend, or go along with what others want, to keep the peace. It's probably the case you search for the perfect partner, Mr/Mrs Right. Your Venus is in your 10th house so you'll never consider venturing out into the world looking unkempt or the like; you just have to look your best. You probably are very close to your mother, more so than a lot of people. Mars is in harmony with your Venus so you probably express affection easily but your romantic desires probably don't go along too well with your expansive desires for travel, or study etc. You need someone who's the intellectual type, someone who lets you do what you want to do and when you want to do it. First and foremost they have to be someone who's a very good friend; romance could then emerge from this friendship.
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