Which year of the Acura TL is the best year?

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  • Which year of the Acura TL is the best year?


Answer #1 | 15/12 2013 12:20
The automatics on the early (2000-2002) had issues that required replacement transmissions with redesigned parts. They extended the warranty at the time and replaced them to to 100,000 miles. If you find an early ask for paperwork if they claim the transmission was replaced or rebuilt. Even if the transmission was replaced, remember that automatic transmissions wear out and you should not expect one to last 150,000 miles. They have clutches that wear. Your replacement cost for the transmission will range from $2500 from an independent shop working on your old transmission to $3500 for a factory remanufactured unit that claims to have the upgrades to the original flawed design. The same problem existed for the V6 Accords that shared the transmission with Acura. Transmission issues aside, the cars are wonderful. The CL has some of the most comfortable seats ever used in a production car. Their brakes were 4 wheel disc and stopped very well. The engines are well engineered and , with oil changes, will last. You may want to consider getting your car inspected pre purchase. Even if issues are discovered, you can use the information to negotiate a lower price. Good luck.
Answer #2 | 16/12 2013 14:47
07 has the good auto transmission(its a new design that actually holds up, 04 to 06 did not) ...thats a Big deal ! as far as S Type well unless u really want a man trans, stick with standard TL (although 07 had a automatic Type S) ,,Type S comes with Brembo brakes in front ,honestly those breaks are super expensive and go threw rotors like crazy so i would stay away from that if poss,but you have been warned ...I feel no real performance gain from them anyway, they just deal with heat better,but that does not really matter on a daily driver,,hope this info helps you Jake,,(engine is bulletproof ,make sure oil changes were done and T-Belt is current..)
Answer #3 | 16/12 2013 20:16
I'd aim for an 04-05, (04 would be last option) 06+ has the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) so that's added to the $300 pair of tires that I can barely afford living out in the country side with S***** roads. Your automatic transmission problems can be solved with an oil cooler and trusted non-oem (mobil1, Redline, etc..) transmission fluid. But with 150k+ miles, and same transmission without an oil cooler all that time, I'd just laugh.

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