which pizza is healthier papa jonh's or pizza hut?

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  • which pizza is healthier papa jonh's or pizza hut?


Answer #1 | 27/09 2013 14:16
Papa Johns because the ingredients for the crust are healthier
Answer #2 | 27/09 2013 16:59
Any takeout pizza is okay if that is what you do. We always have one pizza and movie night, so eat healthy during the week and have a little something good on the weekend. Portion control is more important than not having.
Answer #3 | 27/09 2013 15:54
Id say Papa Jonh's, but then again I aint no smarty pants on nutrition,
Answer #4 | 27/09 2013 14:28
neither one really or dominos make pizza at home from scratch by the premade dough use fat free or low fat cheese and low fat or fat free sauce those companies use too much grease and fat
Answer #5 | 27/09 2013 17:02
papa johns claims they use better ingredients
Answer #6 | 27/09 2013 18:12
Pizza Hut
Answer #7 | 30/09 2013 08:46
Neither. Pizza is pizza and eating it isn't a healthy option no matter where you order it from.
Answer #8 | 29/09 2013 22:24
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a female here
Answer #9 | 28/09 2013 04:54
People tend to like the pizza they grew up with. Being a New Yorker, I would choose Papa John's, since it best simulates NY-style pizza.
Answer #10 | 27/09 2013 19:11
Papa Murphy's is probably the healthiest pizza choice out there!

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