Which free channels with antenna in san francisco?

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  • Which free channels with antenna in san francisco?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 10:30
Go to the site below & drop in your zip code:
Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 10:58
The transmitter towers are on Mt Sutro and Mt San Bruno, so it depends where in SF you live. Lots of hills there, so enter your address (or a nearby one if you're concerned about privacy) at either or Those sites will list the channels and reception you can expect. The Mt San Bruno channels (mostly NBC KNTV) will be the most challenging. You might be able to pick up the Mt Sutro ones with an indoor antenna, especially if you can actually see the tower from your location.
Answer #3 | 22/12 2013 11:33
Depends on where you are. I know someone in Vallejo who gets Channel 2, 4, 5, 7 but not 3 (NBC, I guess because they are in San Jose), they get a several PBS channels, Spanish, Korean, Chinese ones, some old movies and old TV shows, HD channels like 198.The numbers are different from Comcast cable. If I didnt have to pay my landlord for Comcast, I would get rid of it and go with the antenna and converter box.
Answer #4 | 22/12 2013 12:44
Great answer from Link. And for a handy Bay Area channel list, go to the website below and click "San Francisco" on line #7. Link is right, your NBC channel KNTV will be the most challenging since it's a San Jose (Mt. San Bruno) channel and it's on VHF. Don't get one of those small, flat, cheap indoor antennas--if they work at all, it'll mainly be on UHF channels. For an indoor antenna, the one in the 2nd link would be my only choice. Good luck.
Answer #5 | 22/12 2013 21:54
My daughter had an apartment just down from Sutro Tower. She did not have cable or sat. I was bored so I went to Bestbuy and bought a cheap $12 RCA antenna. I hooked it up and told the TV to scan for channels. Something like 60 different channels showed up. Many were standard def and lots of Chinese and Spanish stations. But she got all the major ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS etc..

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