which country is better?

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  • which country is better?


Answer #1 | 19/08 2011 13:06
be more specific. a general statement like "better in jobs, money, life and this kind of stuff" is too subjective. also, i have no idea what level of education you already have, how old you are, if you already have work experience and what field you are looking to get into. i also do not understand in what context you meant by "im talking about it in a business way". what exactly does this mean? for self-employment? for opening a business? or business in general in terms of job opportunities? :S also, in what context? in terms of the economy, where is france's standing against the dutch economy. also in terms of education (i.e. do you aim to finish your degree?). perhaps you might want to look at unemployment rate, cost of living, career opportunities, general work culture. also how easy it is to obtain a visa, etc. only you can answer this after examining several factors. good luck
Answer #2 | 19/08 2011 15:33
my choice would be the netherlands..

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