Which COD should I get MW3, Black Ops2, or Ghosts?

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  • Which COD should I get MW3, Black Ops2, or Ghosts?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:54
Personally, I would go with Modern Warfare 3. I loved Black Ops 2 to death, but I felt that something was missing from the zombies mode and the multi-player, to me, was a little shallow, but it was great none the less. Modern Warfare 3 just rang with me. a spectacular ending to an emotional trilogy, and great multi-player that got most of the balance just right. The co-op mode isn't as appealing as zombies, but it provided enough of a challenge for an experienced player. Ghosts is just downright horrid. I personally don't own it, but I've logged enough hours at my friends house in both the single player and the multi-player to say that it's a bad game on the Xbox One.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 23:26
I'm not sure man, since MW2 was created by a "Past" Infinity ward, you may find other Call of Duties different. Treyarch's games have a different style although I thought the Black ops series was well done (2 is good). MW3 is fun... but if you like skill don't pick it, anyone can get a kill, you feel overpowered especially with the lethal support killstreaks! Ghosts is not like a Call of Duty, don't be surprised if you rage. It has a new slow-pace, unless you are looking to adapt, once you do it gets intense! I would get Ghosts because I've already played BO2, prestiged everything... But since you have a far history, I would say... BO2. Because I'm sure some people (maybe most) were unimpressed with Ghosts and are still on Black Ops 2. So thats your best bet. Also it is more balanced than MW3 and Ghosts.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 18:47
I would go with black ops 2. Ghosts is complete garbage.
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