Which cell phone to buy? :v?

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  • Which cell phone to buy? :v?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 15:32
I would go with the nexus 5 as it is stock android. So you will be able to get the updates for android when they come out. If you xperia or the HTC you will get the updates much later, if you get them at all. The reviews for the nexus 5 say its a great phone, not sure on the prices in the US though. I wouldn't even consider the blackberry because the company is failing and has a terrible App Store. The nexus is also easy to use
Answer #2 | 27/12 2013 16:09
Out of your list htc one is 20 billion times better than the other three!!!! Htc one is so much better my fatherjust sold his..and blackberry isnt so cool and xperia is ok..and lg is alright too but htc is too goodfor that... youll regret not getting the HTC oneday ;) Please answer mine!!!!!
Answer #3 | 30/12 2013 16:23
Hi Duha! If you like incredible performance along with innovative capabilities and durable trendsetting design, the Xperia Z1 will introduce you to a new world of convenience. :) Please follow the links below for details and specs: - Andrés

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