Which car do you like more? Chevy Cruze or Dodge Dart?

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  • Which car do you like more? Chevy Cruze or Dodge Dart?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 12:35
I can only judge on looks since I have not driven either vehicle but between the 2, I prefer the look of the Dart.
Answer #2 | 18/12 2013 13:01
Neither. They are both the dregs of Detroit and will quietly discontinued like Cavalier, Cobalt, Caliber, and Neon were. Get a two year old Corolla or Civic. You will get a better car all around and it they will be worth more when four years old than the Cruze or Dart will be worth when they are two years old.
Answer #3 | 19/12 2013 07:11
I don't like any of them since the dodge dart it's too small and the cruze it's just unlikable for me
Answer #4 | 21/12 2013 16:09
Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 11:51
get a mazda3 or Ford Focus, those cars best the cruze and Dart in nearly every aspect. I'd prefer the Mazda3, japanese reliability and Mazda fun factor. But if you are into the "'Murica, heck yeah!" stuff get the Focus. The Cruze and dart aren't worth the money compared to the focus and mazda3

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