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Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 18:47
Congratulations on getting your degree. My brother and sister also earned their undegrad in psychology. Neither one was able to get a job that was financially supportive right out of school. My sister quickly went to grad school, got her masters and is not making bank. My brother also soon realized that grad school was needed to stand out from the crowd, and to break through to that next pay grade that he had been wanting. Like you, I was in the military (army), I got out at 25. I was able to use my MOS military experience along with my degree to get a great job. I did this by talking to my college counselor, talking to my professors and reaching out to people in my community. The army also had some great resources that I was not aware of until I was doing my discharge process; so ask around at your post. Like my siblings, I also ended up going to grad school. After grad school is when I started making real money. I am not saying that grad school is the answer for you; we happen to live in cities where the job market is tough and undergrads are common. However, with a common psychology degree you have to find a way to stand out: find a niche in the market that you excel at, pair your degree with your natural skills and talent, get your name out there by doing community work. With that said, most people do not end up working jobs in the field that they graduated in. So, do not limit your job search to just psychology jobs, if you see something that perks your interest, then apply for that job...who knows what could happen. (Neither one of my siblings are working as psychologist.)
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 04:52
Do medicine. Well-paying, recession-proof, permanent career helping people. Can't go wrong!

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