where is the most expensive place to get a grill chese in austin tx?

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  • where is the most expensive place to get a grill chese in austin tx?


Answer #1 | 06/08 2013 21:00
Yelp is a good source: All of these places are supposed to have a grilled cheese but I only saw it on one menu here: Grilled Double Cream Gouda Sandwich, Apple Chutney $8. I bet just about any fancy restaurant in Austin will fix you a grilled cheese, just ask. They are bound to have you pay through the nose as well. But then again maybe not. Try one of the places like Jeffrey's,4124,4433,10277,7409,556,3173,8867,3749,1181,7406,1265,6737,1317,6104,3572,4937,956&mn=65&m=33&p=2&d=9/25/2013%206:00:00%20PM&scpref=100#state{MetroAreadID:33|MacroID:65|NeighborhoodList:955,4124,4433,10277,7409,556,3173,8867,3749,1181,7406,1265,6737,1317,6104,3572,4937,956|PriceList:4|SearchType:reg|StarRatingsFlag:1|RequestedRegions:65} Not so fancy, but you could try Chedd's Or better yet, go to Whole Foods, buy the bread, bacon, avocado and cheese and make it for her yourself. Get the good stuff. You can spend a lot on cheese. The most expensive cheese in the world is over $500/lb. You could probably make a very nice sandwich with something under $20/lb and you probably need less than 4 oz. You could probably get the ingredients to make half a dozen really nice sandwiches for under $30. Heres a good article to help you out: Good luck with your special girl.

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