Where is my husband...?

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  • Where is my husband...?


Answer #1 | 19/02 2011 04:15
I thought you were talking about Rodolphus..I saw him feeling up Narcissa in the gardens of Malfoy Manor.
Answer #2 | 19/02 2011 05:55
I think i recall him saying something about searching for Rodolphus to protect Narcissa? Don't worry Bellatrix, I'm sure he's just looking out for your family- apparently he has a soft spot for you guys (at least, I should hope that's what he's doing o.O) EDIT- I found him!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I I I I I \/
Answer #3 | 19/02 2011 05:50
You shouldn't be worried... In the latest issue of the Quibbler, Daddy said that Voldy was taking a vacation away from YOU In mexico... ON a beach with a lot of foreign SINGLE girls...
Answer #4 | 19/02 2011 04:16
What's up with this "Songkhla" Thing !
Answer #5 | 19/02 2011 06:07
I hate to be the one to tell you but he died last night @ the brower harry killed him
Answer #6 | 19/02 2011 06:16
I'm here.....
Answer #7 | 19/02 2011 09:11
I have to say your ex is getting a bit out of hand with this whole 'I love Narcissa' thing. If you know where he'll be tonight I'll sort him out Bella. As for Tom, he's around. :)
Answer #8 | 19/02 2011 09:05
Well.. lemme tell ya gurl.. I think he is thinking about leaving because he asked a question about it.. :(
Answer #9 | 19/02 2011 06:33
He just came...

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