Where in the world is Rosie Babayyyy II?

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  • Where in the world is Rosie Babayyyy II?


Answer #1 | 20/11 2008 04:39
charli is MIA too... maybe a troll has kidnapped them.... im worried now :o( ***ETA*** i just read charli's 360. her little brother isnt well and she is away to see him in the hospital.
Answer #2 | 20/11 2008 05:38
you put your questions in the weirdest categories......... I have no clue where rosie is. maybe she is cooler than us and has a life now. lol
Answer #3 | 20/11 2008 05:37
Saw Charli yesterday and as for Rosie Babyyyy, saw her I belive 2 days ago. that or the one with the similar name is the one I saw. Oh well both are missed they always have some good answers
Answer #4 | 20/11 2008 05:04
I don't know, but I hope she finds us in Rosario!
Answer #5 | 20/11 2008 04:45
I'm sure I sam them both yesterday.
Answer #6 | 20/11 2008 04:47
Hmmm i good qusetion but Mia was here a couple days ago unsure that i have Rosie as contact maybe
Answer #7 | 20/11 2008 05:42
I saw Charli yesterday. But I noticed Rosie wasn't here. She was talking about taking a mini vacation. Is that where she is???? I can't remember when she was going.
Answer #8 | 20/11 2008 05:51
I saw Charli yesterday and she said she was starting to get sick. I hope that she is feeling better, but that might be why she is MIA. I haven't seen Rosie Babayyyy in a little while though... I hope she is somewhere fun. Edit* By the way, Thanks for Argentina. I love getting to travel, even if it is just in answer categories.
Answer #9 | 20/11 2008 06:39
YAY.............WE FOUND HER!!:-)
Answer #10 | 20/11 2008 06:49
Well man, all the way over here....HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSE TO FIND YOU?? JK LOL nO PARTIES can happen without ME!! Hey everyone! Guess what!!!!!!! Yesterday, Brody let go, while he was standing, anD TRIED TO TAKE A STEP!!!! WELL HE DID TAKE A STEP, BUT fell immediately...BUT I AM JUST SOOOOOO PROUD!!! HE IS SO BRAVE!! He is only 7 1/2 months, I dont know why he is rushing through this whole baby thing, it only lasts a year...jeeez! But today I am workin beside my boss, so I cant go on too much :( I;ll check in every once in a while.
Answer #11 | 20/11 2008 06:36
Da da da da da da da.... It's okay now...I'm Here!
Answer #12 | 20/11 2008 06:26
James was sick yesterday with pink eye and had to go to the doctor. I think she will be back today. Oh she'll be here soon
Answer #13 | 20/11 2008 06:03
If I know my girl Rosie she is disguise...
Answer #14 | 20/11 2008 06:18
Ellie stole my answer. : )

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