Where in Phu Quoc can I eat sushi ?

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  • Where in Phu Quoc can I eat sushi ?


Answer #1 | 19/05 2011 16:30
In my life I only went to one football match, which was the Final of African Cup in 2006 in Cairo; Egypt vs. Cote D'Ivoire when we won penalties 4-2 :D
Answer #2 | 19/05 2011 23:59
i dont really go to footy matches but i usually play with mates and brother most of the time. i love kicking a footy ball. i watch AfL footy on the telly and thats about it our school always have teacher vs student footy matches and thats pretty cool to watch @kemo: lol yeah barracking is always the best part i guess since we're not part of the game. only the fellas get to play -.-
Answer #3 | 19/05 2011 17:39
3omry ma ro7t matches , maleesh fl kora .
Answer #4 | 20/05 2011 12:10
Iv never actually been to a football game...i know its what can i do I’m not that into football although I’m a guy. I do watch the world cup games tho because that only comes once.... whereas for the rest of the games I just see the highlights...:) @lovable babiie lol…we also used to have a teachers vs students match as well….thats quite funny actually..:)
Answer #5 | 22/05 2011 22:29
Never been to one before.
Answer #6 | 19/05 2011 21:52
There ws a match where we played Cote 'D'voire (spelling?) in the CAF bas it wasn't the final, I remember that day was so awesome and the game was great, yemken 3lshan its the people that we were with, bas it was such a great game. Makansh el final though...el final da b2a ekhwatna alabona w ra7o lwa7dohom -_- i also liked the Zamalek Ahly game where you guys beat us 4-3. even though we lost, it was full of 'ethara' lol 3lshan awel ma7a nedakhal goal konto bet2aledeona w tedakhlo bardo, so kan el match kolo 3amal yel3ab b a3sabna :D w bardo my high school final game, it was such a great game, el mohem eno we won 5-2 and got the cup! yay!! :D
Answer #7 | 26/05 2011 06:04
Hahahahaha.........eda ento koloko na2altoo le Phu Quoc ???

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