where does Victoria justice live?

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  • where does Victoria justice live?


Answer #1 | 10/12 2011 13:25
ummm not to be rude or anything but why? do u actually think Victoria Justice or someone who know's her and where she lives is going to search your question and answer it? and if you even did find out her address i'm pretty sure her body guards wouldn't let you come into her house!
Answer #2 | 10/12 2011 13:49
If you don't know her and unfortunately get a hold of her address you WILL get arrested.If you are a fan than just go to a meet and greet but thats the worst way to approach..anyone you don't know
Answer #3 | 11/12 2011 07:45
There IS no justice in Victoria!
Answer #4 | 11/12 2011 13:33
This is the Dining out>Canada>Victoria section.
Answer #5 | 12/12 2011 20:55
UMMM THIS IS IN THE FOOD CATEGORY!!!! Unless you wanna eat her ( that would be GROSS) then you need to get out of the category get it?

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