Where did the word rapture come from? and how did it become part of christian doctrine?

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  • Where did the word rapture come from? and how did it become part of christian doctrine?


Answer #1 | 16/05 2017 06:08
It is not part of true Christian doctrine. No Christian on Earth ever heard of such a thing until a couple of fundamentalist sects dreamed up the idea about 200 years ago. The Apostles never heard of it. Jesus Christ never heard of it. So the original and true Christian Church, to which Jesus promised the fullness of God's truth, has never accepted this new tradition of men.
Answer #2 | 16/05 2017 06:11
It means overjoyed, overflowing with happiness and excitement. In a Christian sense it's come to mean the return of Jesus, as it describes how Christians will feel at this time. There are various theories of what will happen and when it will happen, but I think we will find out soon enough.
Answer #3 | 16/05 2017 06:00
I think this was a borrowed term. Consider the dictionary definition. Rapture --- "a feeling of intense pleasure or joy." The idea of the rapture is in scripture, but not by that name. But that name DOES describe the anticipated feelings of those who will be going through that experience. When we talk about software programs, like operating systems, we have discovered that there are some hidden surprises called "Easter Eggs." (This term is taken from the holiday activity when little kids have an Easter egg hunt looking for hidden candy eggs.) And software developers will sometimes hide these Easter eggs in their programs just for laughs. (You can google "software Easter eggs" if you have never heard of this.) In a similar way, the bible has many hidden secrets that have yet to be revealed. Some people have discovered these "secrets" or "Easter Eggs" by carefully studying scripture. And one such hidden truth was the rapture. (John Darby discovered this hidden truth in about 1830.) Once this was discovered, then we find other portions of scripture that fit with the same idea. It is like pieces of a puzzle. And as we discover more pieces, and learn how they fit together with other pieces, we start to understand the "big picture." The more you study scripture, the more this makes sense. Now, we are a long ways from really seeing the total "big picture." We only see portions. It is a lifelong process of learning and discovery. --
Answer #4 | 16/05 2017 05:53
or Caught in the mid-air: That's when the righteous goes up to heaven and see Jesus in the mid-air... Revelation and awesome.

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