Where can the most delicious nasi lemak be found?

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  • Where can the most delicious nasi lemak be found?


Answer #1 | 04/03 2011 16:08
the best nasi lemak i ever ate which is at Seri Manjung, Perak. It called as Nasi Lemak Seri Sarawak. Came with variety of sambal's. It is the best nasi lemak in the world.
Answer #2 | 05/03 2011 06:43
Answer #3 | 05/03 2011 06:01
Roundabout along Lorong Persiaran Barat
Answer #4 | 05/03 2011 05:10
Nasi Lemak Tangling
Answer #5 | 05/03 2011 06:43
At SS2 besides the Sea Park Police Station...
Answer #6 | 05/03 2011 06:55
the best nasi lemak is in seremban
Answer #7 | 05/03 2011 11:00
Nasi Lemak Tangling is one of the best Nasi Lemak in Town. Situated behind the National Mosque and right beside the Methodist Girl School, it has been my favourite since my school days back in the 60's..After almost 40 years of business, the owner has managed to maintain the same quality and standard of the Nasi lemak and the Sambal which the key factor in a Nasi Lemak. Try it !
Answer #8 | 05/03 2011 07:18
In my opinion,Mom's/Wife's home cooked Nasi Lemak is the best dish to be eaten.
Answer #9 | 05/03 2011 07:17
A MUST Try is Restoran Park Village in Damansara Utama. The sambal, rice and especially fried chicken (Huge piece) is just heavenly. Another is a stall in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail nearby the Public Bank branch. The stall has been there since 1988 and was run by a makcik but now has been taken over by her son. Taste wise, still the same.
Answer #10 | 05/03 2011 07:08
nasi lemak pak ayub....section 13 and ttdi jaya @ ali's corner restaurant shah alam
Answer #11 | 05/03 2011 04:37
i crave for my mom's home cooked nasi lemak. >_< to me... her nasi lemak is so marvellous. (^_^)V
Answer #12 | 05/03 2011 04:31
1-Desaria Restaurant - Sri Manja, Kuala Lumpur 2-Nasi Lemak M.cik Jah, Section 17 Shah Alam 3-nasi Lemak Stadium, Section 13 Shah Alam there are 100 mores, but these are my top 3, so far
Answer #13 | 04/03 2011 17:31
i think i can cook good and delicious lemak to all of malay friend teach me.really good
Answer #14 | 04/03 2011 17:21
the best nasi lemak ever i have tested is my sister. it just so perfect with the nasi.....& the sambal of coz...superb...heaven...need i say more...
Answer #15 | 04/03 2011 17:16
ur own nasi lemak la.
Answer #16 | 04/03 2011 16:16
Remy (Kedah)..the most delicious nasi lemak that i ever taste is at Sungai Petani. Cinta Sayang Nasi lemak restaurant
Answer #17 | 04/03 2011 19:00
surely nasi lemak liverp0ol at penang is the best... =)
Answer #18 | 04/03 2011 21:06
Nasi Lemak Cikgu in Kelana Jaya-to die for!!!!!
Answer #19 | 05/03 2011 04:09
Try Uncle Lim's restaurant in Subang Parade.
Answer #20 | 05/03 2011 03:40
In Klang Valley : 1) Restoran Azira in Shah Alam Sek 11, the nasi lemak is rich and the sambal ikan bilis is great. 2) Stall in front of chinese Kopitiam near KTM Komuter Klang alongside Post Office - for those who like nasi lemak kukus style. p/s - the Kopitiam's teh is to die-for, esp with roti steam.... *drool* In Kulim - One Cafe, Padang Serai - the sambal ikan bilis is just perfect! Of course - home-made is still the best!!! :)
Answer #21 | 05/03 2011 01:43
Nasi Lemak Mummy, Kulim. Kedah.
Answer #22 | 05/03 2011 01:23
make your own nasi lemak is the best or your mom nasi lemak...marvellous...hihihihi
Answer #23 | 05/03 2011 17:39
Hajjah Halimah Mambau, N9...the place where Nabil Raja Lawak working before....try it...I eat there since 1993... Padang Temu, Melaka..opposite Portuguese village...but i dun know if still there or not.. My own mother and my mother in law nasi lemak..heheeh...air tangan mak is the best...
Answer #24 | 05/03 2011 17:49
Nasi lemak + ikan bakar Kg Serkam Pantai, Melaka
Answer #25 | 06/03 2011 19:57
hi, everybody should try nasi lemak TC at Kota Bharu Kelantan near to old JPJ office (Kuala Krai Road). Hard to describe further but i can guarantee the differences of this nasi lemak. guarantee no regret.
Answer #26 | 06/03 2011 19:24
Well...there are 3 good places in Miri, Sarawak in my opinion... one would be a place called Pizza Haven at Boulevard Hypermarket, but they had moved, so am still trying to find where it is now.... my family tried..the taste was shocking to we din expect it to be good. 2nd place...for Mirians, I'm sure most of u knew..which is a cafe/restaurant called "Nagaliar"'s somewhere opposite Imperial Mall....the Nasi Lemak there is very nice.. Another place is a Restaurant called "Maha Lada Curry House" at the Boulevard Commercial area...I was surprised that they actually make a sells Nasi Lemak..the taste is nice as well....;-)
Answer #27 | 06/03 2011 18:56
there is one lot nasi lemak kampong menu at shop opposite of Balai Polis Selangor side, the old route to Tg Malim. if if you take it, there is possibility you need an additional nasi lemak plate or you might refill the sambal. it is so delicous, try it.....
Answer #28 | 06/03 2011 20:17
nasi lemak ayam berempah around northern area of peninsular msia
Answer #29 | 06/03 2011 20:42
I believe every state in Malaysia has it's best nasi lemak. It all depends to your liking. To me, I always go for those wrapped in banana leaf, whenever I see one, I'll make an effort to try. So the best nasi lemak - as I wrote earlier, it all depends to your tastebud!
Answer #30 | 06/03 2011 22:40
nasi lemak ujang at greenwood and bdr baru selayang... you should try the sambal sotong and begedil... and another one is nasi lemak at sek 222... the one with red chop
Answer #31 | 06/03 2011 22:33
Village Park, Damansara Utama, PJ,Selangor.
Answer #32 | 06/03 2011 21:38
Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor @ Kg Baru KL. The best ever nasi lemak.The one that our Prime Minister drop by and had his nasi lemak for breakfast on his walkabout visit to Kg Baru..
Answer #33 | 06/03 2011 21:27
Try the nasi lemak stall at Methodist Girls School in KL
Answer #34 | 06/03 2011 18:20
No doubt, there are so many good nasi lemak that you can find in Malaysia. However the best nasi lemak of all, is the one made by your own mother…I Luv U Mom..
Answer #35 | 06/03 2011 17:49
Nsi lemak moden
Answer #36 | 06/03 2011 00:06
Try Bak Kut Teh from Klang. Much better makes a person became Synergy Thinker. Nasi lemak for the Proton. Bak kut teh for the just like Ferrarri , Limborginie, Mercedes Benz etc of the modern Rolls Royce.
Answer #37 | 05/03 2011 23:08
BRJ Corner Wangsa Maju
Answer #38 | 05/03 2011 21:34
Sister's Kitchen at Menara Hap Seng..slighty pricey but it's so goooddd..
Answer #39 | 05/03 2011 21:20
Try nasi lemak in Batu 11,Cheras near the Chines word say dear......u have go early if no ......will finish very fast......This Nasi Lemak serve with Green Curry
Answer #40 | 06/03 2011 00:12
try the nasi lemak at kg melaka hulu langat just opposite of pusat kesihatan. to all lovers of tanglin nasi lemak...the nasi served may be nice but the service is horribly slow and environment is DIRTY.
Answer #41 | 06/03 2011 01:40
Of Coz Nasi Lemak Kukus De Rose Junction in Labuan.
Answer #42 | 06/03 2011 15:34
simpang jalan menghala masuk ke taman kajang utama
Answer #43 | 06/03 2011 15:27
I think the best nasilemak always is my mother's. Seriously. She learnt how to cook a fantastic nasi lemak from a makcik about 50 years ago and never looked back. Everything done fresh, and she doesn't use chilli boh bought from market. Now she has taught her daughter inlaws how to cook the makcik way...... :) Anywway, I have tried nasi lembak at a stall in Kg Baru - behind Dang Wangi LRT Station. A bit expensive but worth eating. Cars are lined up parking in front of the stall. But their sambal is too watery for my taste. Another is behind some buidlings near Chan Sow Lin, although I have been there only once, their chicken rendang is to die for. For me nasilemak is not complete, if there is no peanuts/ikan bilis. :)
Answer #44 | 06/03 2011 02:55
This place deserves mention; USJ4/6a roadside stall near Restaurant Apollo in USJ Subang - nasi lemak take away only. If you are looking for fragrant flavored rice with good chili sambal with option to add crunchy fried chicken or tender 'rendang lauk' you must not miss this stall. Next, are we going to share where the best Indian rojak stall is? Malaysia truly is a makan paradise :D
Answer #45 | 06/03 2011 02:45
I love nasi lemak. I can eat everyday nasi lemak without bored.

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