Where can I find traditional Austrian cuisine?

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  • Where can I find traditional Austrian cuisine?


Answer #1 | 17/06 2008 16:33
In Austria
Answer #2 | 17/06 2008 16:44
I lived there for several years.
Answer #3 | 17/06 2008 16:41
Possibly in Gruyere and in Salzburg or Vienna, Austria.
Answer #4 | 17/06 2008 16:35
I have no idea where you live so I can't really answer that. But the best austrian food that I have ever eaten was at a small resteraunt between Radau and Strobl in Austria. I cant remember the name of it at the moment, there are a few nice traditional resteraunts in Bad Ischl and Wolfganse as well. Especially in December.
Answer #5 | 17/06 2008 16:33
No, but I hope to one day.
Answer #6 | 17/06 2008 17:11
Austria is a great country to travel. Great food, beer, sightseeing, music, and people. I speak no German other than "please, thank you, how much, I'll have a beer, and where's the bathroom." Try getting the Lonely Planet Guide for more info on specific sights.
Answer #7 | 17/06 2008 16:43
Yes, I am Austrian, I moved to Canada in December of 2006. it is a wonderful place. I will go back again in the future.
Answer #8 | 17/06 2008 16:35
Yes! I spent a few days in Salzburg once. It was GREAT!
Answer #9 | 18/06 2008 02:13
I was born and I´m still living there.

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