Where can I find the best seafood in Malaysia?

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  • Where can I find the best seafood in Malaysia?


Answer #1 | 30/05 2008 04:02
jus bside the sea go and exploreeeeeeeee
Answer #2 | 02/06 2008 07:23
hi, kylie! im from penang! last time i was a waiter at 1 of the famous western food restaurant called [email protected] Lane at penang road! n i knew that there is a seafood restaurant at batu feringghi called [email protected] Feringghi (most of foods r chinese seafoods)!
Answer #3 | 02/06 2008 00:35
Hi, I live in Tawau, Sabah and Tawau is well known for its fresh and cheap sea food. There is a lot of seafood restaurant but what I like the most is the one where is located by the sea (in town) near the KK bus terminal. I'm sorry I can't remember the restaurant name but I can show you where is the place if you drop by here. You can pick the seafood that you want to eat from the aquarium in the restaurant still alive and fresh- fishes,prawn, lobster, crabs, oyster etc....
Answer #4 | 01/06 2008 18:26
Hmmmm You should explore the sea side... You can find it at Terengganu, Johor Bharu, Selangor and Pangkor Island... If you want a public place go to Penang Island....
Answer #5 | 01/06 2008 08:20
Hi, kylie, i like your programme. For the best seafood i suggested you to find it at Pantai Cahaya Bulan ( Moonlight Beach) which located in Kota Bharu Kelantan. You also can find variety of food at Night market in Kota Bharu.
Answer #6 | 02/06 2008 20:05
Since there are a few suggestions in Klang, but I didn't see any suggestion to Pasir Penambang, a fisherman village in Kuala Selangor. This is a small town at the riverside, where is the harbour for fishboats. So, the seafood here are fresh and you can even ask for permission to look the processes of fresh seafood. Besides, it is very near the Kuala Selangor historical tourists attraction. In my opinion, Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor is the ideal place for a tourist. Hope you enjoy!
Answer #7 | 04/06 2008 18:28
dear kylie, you have to visit Sabah if you want to enjoy the REAL seafood.lots of place in Sabah offers juicy,fresh and cheap seafood like fish,huge prawns,crabs,lobster,big and juicy squids...they are all amazingly fresh and ready to be eaten by can choose whether you want to have them boiled or barbequed,either way is amazingly fantastic! the most famous place in KK (Kota Kinabalu-the capital city of Sabah) is Pasar can get cheap and delicious seafood there.enjoy!!
Answer #8 | 05/06 2008 00:10
As a fan, I love your show and the way you use your lovely adjectives to describe the taste of your cooking! I can bet my last ringgit, if freshness and flavour is what you after rather than luxury then South China Sea Restaurant near the Subang Airport Terminal 3 would be a marvelous place to start. In here you will be spoilt for choice and everything is alive and kicking before its journey to the wok.
Answer #9 | 04/06 2008 23:48
Seafood is best when eaten on it own. But for something different you should try out the seafood curry noodles in Malaysia. One place I know of when I was living in KL is the Seafood curry noodle place at SS2 along Petaling Jaya. The seafood just sweeten the curry sauces. Yum
Answer #10 | 04/06 2008 23:47
There is one best place at Sepang. The seafood is fresh, the prize is reasonable and the food taste good. The place is very warm and windy. You will not be dissapointed.
Answer #11 | 04/06 2008 20:20
at Tanjung Lumpur. Kuantan
Answer #12 | 01/06 2008 08:18
I would suggest Pandamaran, Klang where good and fair price seafood can be found. This street have various seafood ranging from fish to the migth crab with various gravy just 30min drive from the busy city of KL. If you were to visit this place don't forget to get the prawn steam with chinese wine and ginger and steam fish with noddles rice.
Answer #13 | 01/06 2008 05:25
of coz somewhere in johor.. just explore all da seafood restaurant.. sure u'll like it^^,
Answer #14 | 31/05 2008 19:10
Hi,Kylie.... I suggest Bagan Lalang,Selangor for seafood. Near the beach ,quite and cheap. The "sambal or kuah" made also nice. There are numbers of stall to choose with variety of food served.
Answer #15 | 31/05 2008 14:25
When it comes to food, go Penang, the Heaven of food!
Answer #16 | 31/05 2008 12:49
I don't know about seafood in general, but I would definitely say that one of the best (if not the best) places to eat good crabs has to be a place called 'Jungle Hut Cafe' This place serves excellent crabs which are sure to be fresh as the crabs are delivered live, twice daily. I am a big crab lover and have tried a lot of various places but this place definitely wins hands down when it comes to their crab dishes!!! Other than crabs, most of the other items on the menu are pretty good as well. Another 'Must Try' would be their 'Fish Head Bihun' (Bihun is actually rice vermicelli noodles.) The address of this place is > Jungle Hut Cafe, 32 Jalan BRP 7/2A Bukit Rahman Putra 47000 Sg.Buloh, S'gor DE Malaysia. Tel : 603-6156 6560 (Ask for Eunice or Vincent) Do take the time to try this place. I guarantee u won't be disappointed! :))
Answer #17 | 30/05 2008 04:18
Have you been to Kuantan? If yes, maybe you never reach to Beserah. This restaurant near to the beach and its not difficult to find. I think that restaurant is the best seafood in Malaysia. The seafood and the ingredient are very fresh and in good quality. This restaurant have been known among local and foreign tourists. The name of the restaurant is Paksu Seafoos Restaurant. Many Singaporean not 'miss' to come to this restaurant if they are coming to Kuantan and Cherating.
Answer #18 | 31/05 2008 22:17
selayang wet market
Answer #19 | 31/05 2008 23:11
I think there is no such thing as the best seafood or other restaurant any where in the world. A really good one, excellent seafood and presentation, indoor/outdoor, homely yet professional with great ambience . I cannot describe the dishes except to say they're mouth-watering. Food of course, is fresh . Great attention to facilities like the toilets. Damansara Village Steamboat No. 1067 Jalan Jenjarum Kampong Kayu Ara off Jalan SS 23/10 47400Petaling Jaya Call Alan Phoon at +6012 3988188 Enjoy yourself.
Answer #20 | 01/06 2008 04:06
chow kit is the best selection so many HIV food its delicious
Answer #21 | 01/06 2008 01:18
There is variety of places to have seafood. As far as i know, there 3 places that i always go for to enjoy my seafood such as any type of prawn, crab, oyster's and mussel. The best location is at 1) JoGoYa (Japanese Buffet) - 80% of the food is seafood, variety of cooking style. 2) Klang to have best crab meat 3) Kelana Jaya Seafood Restaurant enjoying the several type of prawn
Answer #22 | 31/05 2008 23:27
hi kyl, well, u looks for best seafood in m'sia... well u must come to our restaurant where u can get hte best and fresh seafood in our restaurant!! there are so many kind of seafood u can choose here.. hope to see u here..... ocean seafood village, kota kinabalu, sabah. tel: 088-264701, 269701
Answer #23 | 31/05 2008 23:16
The best seafood in Malaysia will definitely be in Bukit Tambun In Penang..The best i ever had..have tried many places but this is still the best and the price is very reasonable. Of course you would not find it cozy but the taste really make the difference and will definitely make you come back for more.
Answer #24 | 05/06 2008 01:35
bagan lalang restaurant because i love the seafood dishes especially which is nearest to beach where i can swim the beach and to eat a lot of favourite dishes near to my house that i stay.....
Answer #25 | 05/06 2008 04:14
Bagan Lalang beach. about half an hour from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. There's a few restaurant to try. All the seafood are fresh from sea. maybe you can make Bagan Lalang Beach your first pit stop to a great seafood galore in Malaysia..Go and try..
Answer #26 | 11/06 2008 19:42
Answer #27 | 09/06 2008 21:21
dataran bandaraya johor bahru
Answer #28 | 09/06 2008 19:57
know coming to langkawi island and we have the speacial to you like are laksa very nice.our soup make from the fish.laksa make from the our rice.put the egg and local salad
Answer #29 | 08/06 2008 06:12
Best sea food cooked is subjective- what is best for one may be not so good for another, but for fresh sea food ingredients, try the East coast towns of Sabah-Sandakan, Tawau...
Answer #30 | 11/06 2008 22:04
Batu Kawan !! is in Mainland not Penang Island. Recommend - Fresh Oyster, steam fish with thai sauce, steam crab and many many more!!
Answer #31 | 12/06 2008 01:29
Hi Kylie, I think the most tastiest seafood that I ever tasted is in Sabah. Basically you can go to any restaurant in Sabah and they will serve you the most freshest seafood they have. But I want to share about my own experience, I have tried a restaurant called Jati Restaurant. It's near by the sea and the nearest landmark is the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. What make this place so special is because it situated by the beach so you can see and hear the waves while you enjoy your food, you can also choose the seafood yourself and you can also request how your seafood will be cook. for the seafood, of course it came fresh everyday and the price is quite cheap and reasonable.
Answer #32 | 01/06 2008 03:31
The best seafood in M'sia at Johor Bahru.The Open air restaurant facing S'pore water(Sembawang power station).The area is very quiet far from town and the view at night very lovely.
Answer #33 | 12/06 2008 16:54
i dnt think that only food makes a place special. You need the food, the place and everything to go right if you want to make the food to make you go swoon. I am a student in Melaka in MMU and i can suggest you to go to a restaurant in Melaka called Sea-fearer near to the klebang beach. The atmosphere and eating sea-food on a ship built over there with soft spanish guitar playing at the background by an artist....and all the mouth-watering sea-food dishes it all makes a date you can't forget. cheers!
Answer #34 | 12/06 2008 08:44
When it comes to definitely cannot leave out TAWAU, Sabah. No expensive fishes, no thick thick sauce to cover the smell of the fish, No "air tawar fishes", Only REAL fish. Enjoy !!!
Answer #35 | 12/06 2008 06:23
I'm think u can get these delicious seafood at Sara Thai Tomyam Restaurant at family luv to go to that's very delicious and the price is affordable with it.... try it...and you also can go to restaurant all over Tanjung's like a heaven for seafood in night because there's a lot of seafood,keropok...and also jus gelas besar... but the Sara Thai Thomyam is the best...don't forget to try... ;)
Answer #36 | 07/06 2008 20:43
i love you
Answer #37 | 07/06 2008 20:28
Baywatch Restaurant 海湾海鲜舫
Answer #38 | 05/06 2008 20:28
Kelana Seafood Centre, it's sooooooooo good!!
Answer #39 | 05/06 2008 15:40
In Sandakan, Sabah 1. Bandar Nam Tung They have this Seafood Restaurant by the sea serving GOOD, FRESH and CHEAP seafood. 2. Pasir Putih (Pak Sar Kong) Along the road to Sandakan Port, just before Ocean King Restaurant. 3. Ang Ban Guan (Next to the Mosque) They use to be a provision shop, but since converting to a restaurant, business has been good. Must try their Fried Cabbage, Mussel Soup.
Answer #40 | 05/06 2008 09:39
Seafood is abundant is Sabah, where supplies are more than demand, prices for seafood is relatively cheap.. Therefore, restaurants in sabah took advantage of this and as a result, there are many great seafood restaurants in sabah particularly in kota kinabalu. From ordinary 'kedai kopi' to 5-star seafood restaurants, seafood is everywhere! In fact, just 5 minutes away from the kota kinabalu airport, a big seafood restaurant is found.. Great for savoring those seafood cravings before leaving or arriving in KK. From various types of fishes, stingrays, lobsters, crabs, abalone... etc etc, Sabah is the place to be for seafood lovers!
Answer #41 | 05/06 2008 05:09
Sabah. Tawau and Sandakan welknown with their fresh seafood, If can't travel so far, arrive in KK- Kota Kinabalu , u can get nice seafood around town, small shops or restaurant. Small seafood shop if you fancy with mix fish staff i recomend you go to Wan Wan at Jalan Bundusan,Beverly Hills road. Ask around ppl wil know,Damai Hong Kee also very nice. Even Simon Yam ever ate there and give high score. Seafood restaurant in KK itself is Ocean Seafood or Port View, welknown with it's fresh and yummy way of cook, lot's of choice. Basically, Sabah KK also have lot's of really tasty small dishes.
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Answer #43 | 06/06 2008 18:14
Answer #44 | 07/06 2008 13:12
Hi Kylie, Malaysia is divided into two: 1) Peninsular Malaysia; and 2) East Malaysia (on Borneo Island) I'm from East Malaysia, to be exact, from Sarawak. The local delicacy is somehow totally different from the main land, I mean, Peninsular Malaysia. When I watched one of the programmes on Discovery Travel & Living few months ago (I can't remember what's the name), they only covered food from Peninsular Malaysia. Then why not you taste some of the delicacies from my hometown? For example "cencaluk" and "umai". I can't explain much as I don't how my grandmother process the "cencaluk". "Cencaluk" I think it is process from shrimps. And some of the shrimps are process to make "belacan" a.k.a shrimp paste. I think you know what it is right? As for "umai", my dad, whose hobby is cooking too, knows how to prepare it. What is "Umai"? It's made from fish and to be eaten raw. Actually there's a lot more and I can't figure it out now. If you want to visit Malaysia especially Sarawak, do e-mail me. It's an honour for me to bring you around my hometown ^^
Answer #45 | 07/06 2008 02:01
you can go to a famous seaside restaurant in bagan lalang, selangor...the seafood there are fresh and of course delicous...
Answer #46 | 07/06 2008 01:29
Have you been to Kuantan? If yes, maybe you never reach to Beserah. This restaurant near to the beach and its not difficult to find. I think that restaurant is the best seafood in Malaysia. The seafood and the ingredient are very fresh and in good quality. This restaurant have been known among local and foreign tourists. The name of the restaurant is Paksu Seafoos Restaurant. Many Singaporean not 'miss' to come to this restaurant if they are coming to Kuantan and Cherating.
Answer #47 | 06/06 2008 21:22
The fish market. The seafood is fresh and local. You can also gather your organics from nearby vendors.
Answer #48 | 06/06 2008 21:35
if U come to Kuantan, u can get the fresh seafood at Tanjung Lumpur especially at the night. U can have Ikan Bakar, Sotong Goreng Spring or Udang Celup Tepung. C U there.........!

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