Where can I find the best beef rendang in Malaysia?

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  • Where can I find the best beef rendang in Malaysia?


Answer #1 | 12/04 2008 07:41
Ingredients: Serai30% Red Onions20% ginger10% dried red chili 30% Lenkuas 2 % Cooking oil any 100gms You Blend them and cook until oil surface For every kilo of meat 2 coconut (milk) add a fried coconut meat cook until it' dry wet salt accordingly In malaysia a kilo of cook beef rendang cost rm35/- per kilo. Your address please I will try to sent you some Inshallah.
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Answer #2 | 12/04 2008 04:31
In one's home. That would be impossible to find. "The Best Is Yet To Be". Every one likes to say that his/her mother cooks the best rendang.
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Answer #3 | 10/04 2008 15:48
ooooooOooo Currrrtiiiiissss!!
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Answer #4 | 10/04 2008 05:03
Hi curtis! my grandmother in-law cook's good beef rendang. She is from the historical state of Malacca. She's a straits born chinese (Nyonya), she cooks very good nyonya beef rendang and other nyonya dishes.
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Answer #5 | 08/04 2008 23:25
During the Celebration Fasting Day, the Muslim celebration in Malaysia, date 1&2 October 2008, visit here to taste the delicious beef rendang!My mum can cook special for you, just come ok! ^-^
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Answer #6 | 09/04 2008 23:14
i'm one of your fan here!! heard you are coming to town. About beef rendang, as all the above, the best rendang in Malaysia will be what they called RENDANG TOK. From Perak. You can get it either in state of Perak itself or you can get it in Kuala Lumpur. A restaurant called OPAH. Actually there is many type of beef rendang based to the state. Different state, different taste. But most of the ingredients are the same.
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Answer #7 | 10/04 2008 17:32
I totally agree with leckha_leckha. Rembau, Negeri Sembilan is well known for its 'rendang hitam' (black beef rendang). The ingredients are so simple, yet you have to know how to balance those ingredients. Right amount of coconut milk will make the best need for 'kerisik'. For the northern state such as Perak, 'kerisik' is a must.
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Answer #8 | 13/04 2008 20:16
You can come to my village at Perlis.
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Answer #9 | 13/04 2008 03:32
at my my mom cooks beef rendang...mmm
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Answer #10 | 19/04 2008 13:09
I have no idea but you should goggle it
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Answer #11 | 17/04 2008 05:11
rendang are famous in negeri sembilan... im also from negeri sembilan... there u ll find a best rendang... they called rendang hitam.....(black rendang)... my suggest was...find at negeri sembilan... im also from negeri sembilan..find at kuala pilah.. there still ve a best beef rendang...u ll like it
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Answer #12 | 11/04 2008 01:05
i can cook 4 u,with original ingredient really nice,wanna 2 try?
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Answer #13 | 09/04 2008 03:15
at my home. i from Malaysia. my mom is the best chef when making rendang. nyam..nyam...
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Answer #14 | 10/04 2008 04:49
the best beef rendang in the whole wide world you can get in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan is 1 of the 14 states in Malaysia. The corect balance bertween chilllies and coconut milk makes this dish superb!
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Answer #15 | 19/04 2008 03:25
any restaurants in Negeri Sembilan would do. they make rendang differently from the others. its more dry.
Answer #16 | 10/04 2008 00:53
Rendang Tok from Negeri Perak,West Malaysia.
Answer #17 | 09/04 2008 22:05
you can found it at my grandmother house in terengganu,1313, jalan kenanga, batu buruk. Ok Bye!!..............
Answer #18 | 10/04 2008 00:22
Ooh! I really love the one at the Ritz Carlton when I went on holliday
Answer #19 | 16/04 2008 00:35
My father is a great cook himself. If you want to know how it was cooked than ask the expert himself...hahaha btw you have to bring a translator if you planned to see him..
Answer #20 | 10/04 2008 17:08
The best beef rendangs are always cooked at matter what anyone else tells you, store bought just never tastes the way it does as when it is made at home with love and quality ingredients. Personally, as we all do, I think my mum's is the best. After all beef rendang is a labour of love, as it takes alot of time to cook over a low heat in order to make the dish. The single ingredient that makes all rendang special is 'kerisi', or the toasted and rendered coconut flakes that go in it that give it a nutty and rich flavour. I hope that helps.
Answer #21 | 12/04 2008 13:08
i agree with Elis K
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Answer #22 | 12/04 2008 20:00
The best rendang is in Negeri Sembilan......but nothing beats homemade rendang....
Answer #23 | 15/04 2008 08:11
i've ate a lot of rendang in malaysia. but the taste a bit different if you buy from the seller. old citizens are the best cooker if want the best rendang in malaysia. there are 3 states in malaysia if u want the best rendang 'penang','kedah' and 'perak'.
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Answer #24 | 10/04 2008 17:37
Rasah Jaya ,Seremban , Negeri Sembilan My Auntie's house...
Answer #25 | 10/04 2008 17:24
You may not be able to find the best but the good beef rendang are plentiful and available everywhere in Malaysia. I found out that the rendang taste does not vary much but what makes the difference is the tenderness of the beef. No matter how good the ingredient is, you will simply throw it away once you dislike chewing the hard texture. The street hawkers offer good rendang and always the case in Asian countries.
Answer #26 | 08/04 2008 22:27
Try at my favourite Malaysian traditional dishes restaurant :- Rebung Chef Ismail No 4-2 Lorong Maarof Bangsar Park 59000 Kuala Lumpur (Landmark: Dataran Maybank) Tel: 03 22832119 Off: 03 2282 4776 Fax: 03 2283 4775

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