Where can I buy cheap snap-on tools?

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  • Where can I buy cheap snap-on tools?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 12:28
Cheap and Snap-on don't really go together but I've had good luck on craigslist and by browsing local swap meets. Snap-on only sells through local distributors so your not going to find a link with them for cheap new. Brian
Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 12:32
Snap-on tools are not cheap. But I have found them discounted at flea markets/swap meets. Or you can try Ebay.
Answer #3 | 05/01 2014 12:37
u cant snap on tools are not cheap but they are quality, start with craftsman at least they are gaurnteed
Answer #4 | 05/01 2014 12:47
No such thing as Cheap Snap On tools, You can try EBay but generally those that cant afford Snap On tools have to settle for Harbor Freight or other Chinese made tools.
Answer #5 | 05/01 2014 13:27
The cheapest snap-on tools are the ones the girlz use one-on-one, but that won't help you in mechanics! Okay, okay, politically incorrect reference aside, Snap-On tools are never inexpensive, unless you run into a yard sale or estate sale where women are getting rid of the dead guy's tools and have no clue about what they have. Swap meets usually aren't much less expensive than new, simply because people generally don't part with good tools.

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