when you argue with someone, do you always have to win?

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  • when you argue with someone, do you always have to win?


Answer #1 | 02/05 2010 13:05
no as long as you made your point
Answer #2 | 02/05 2010 13:07
I usually don't argue just to argue, I argue when I feel like I have a point of view that hasn't beeen acknowledged or understood yet. When my husband and I have a little bicker (we don't argue much) it is usually because I think he could do something differnet or apply himself more. He's in his last year of college and feeling pretty burn out. I even often agree with the route he is taking but I will bring up another option just so he thinks. I call this critical arguing, or arguing with a purpose. lol
Answer #3 | 02/05 2010 13:08
Nope. Sometimes, I have to have them win, out of the kindness of my heart. And other times, I have to let them win, because I love them, and I don't wanna argue anymore.
Answer #4 | 02/05 2010 13:07
I try to win but sometimes I just don't. But I never go down without a fight!
Answer #5 | 02/05 2010 13:07
If winning is your only goal, you're going to get nowhere in life. Having an argument shouldn't be about winning or losing. It should be coming to the best outcome - maybe that means proving your point. Or maybe it means compromising. It's been my experience though, especially in marriage, if you have to win when you argue, you're going to end up losing a lot by wanting to always win.
Answer #6 | 02/05 2010 13:06
for me personally- yes I'm a LEO - we're always right ( at least in our own inflated ego mind)
Answer #7 | 02/05 2010 13:06
if you're not going to win, why argue? so you argue until they beat you into the ground with the facts, and when and if you finally do lose, you put their car keys in a cup of water and put them in the freezer overnight.
Answer #8 | 02/05 2010 13:07
No. When I'm wrong I admit it.
Answer #9 | 02/05 2010 13:09
Not all the time it depends what we were arguing about.
Answer #10 | 02/05 2010 13:10
Yes or I get physical
Answer #11 | 02/05 2010 21:39
If you know your right and they continue on, let it go. Its not worth getting into any arguments over anything. Just not worth it. Nothing to win.Nothing to lose, (accept maybe a good friendship here or there). Nothing is ever solved through arguments. And hey, by the way, Who is starting these anyway? Best way to avoid an argument is to ease on to another subject. Just trying to help!!!
Answer #12 | 03/05 2010 02:00
nope never
Answer #13 | 02/05 2010 14:35
I rarely win lol. I'm always the first to back down.
Answer #14 | 02/05 2010 14:19
What's the point of arguing then? Lol If there is no winner, that means that it's a discussion.
Answer #15 | 02/05 2010 13:18
arguements are better when neither are right, and it usually ends up who is the wrongest
Answer #16 | 02/05 2010 13:29
Oh yeah, big time. Me and my sister had a " Yes-No" argument for two hours straight. Not even kidding. I thought my lungs were going to burst, LOL.
Answer #17 | 02/05 2010 13:57
I always do.

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