when they tested me with dyslexia what else would they be testing me for?

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  • when they tested me with dyslexia what else would they be testing me for?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 03:46
"Dyslexia" is a medical diagnosis and isn't used in schools, mainly because it isn't specific enough. So you weren't diagnosed dyslexic. That doesn't mean you weren't tested for a specific learning disability, which is what it is called in schools. Learning disabilities are delays in the psychological processing of information. It does not mean low intelligence, in fact children with low intelligence are identified as Intellectually Disabled. They usually test young children for developmental stage, in other words, if you are six, are you acting like a typical six year old? They also will test you for deficits in visual and auditory memory, visual motor integration and possibly a language disorder, which does not include speech, but the process underlying the ability to use language. Ask your parents. There may be some paperwork laying around somewhere, which you might find interesting. Parents get copies of all testing and reports.
Answer #2 | 18/12 2013 05:05
No. Those are separate conditions and they have separate tests. You were probably tested to see if your eyes worked properly and that there was nothing impairing your vision. Dyslexia tests can not diagnose autism or ADHD.

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