when one of your contacts say I'm leaving?

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  • when one of your contacts say I'm leaving?


Answer #1 | 04/05 2010 13:43
they always come back :) they said they were leaving before & it doesnt work. i said i was leaving before & i am here. its impossible to leave for good.
Answer #2 | 04/05 2010 13:56
Haha, because Y!A is addictive. And I'm gonna try to quit. I need to have a life, before summer.
Answer #3 | 04/05 2010 13:51
they're just frustrated with the site but once that frustration is gone... they'll be back it's too funny and entertaining here lmao
Answer #4 | 04/05 2010 13:45
There are certain people that I know who just won't leave. For example, Lauren. If she leaves she'll lose her two badges and she'll never get the number one spot in the Makeup section (she's at number two). She's trying to get it, and I know she will! As for the rest... I can just tell they won't leave because they're on everyday and won't just abandon us easily!
Answer #5 | 04/05 2010 13:57
Y!A has it's own gravitational pull.
Answer #6 | 04/05 2010 13:57
because everyone knows they're addicted - and more than half of my contacts who've said they were leaving come back within a week.
Answer #7 | 04/05 2010 18:14
She'll come back, they all come back! I was wondering why she hadn't bugged me on formspring lately
Answer #8 | 04/05 2010 16:39
well its addicting lol. the people are funny, the people are entertaining. To be honest when i hang out with my real friends i don't smile and laugh as much lol.
Answer #9 | 04/05 2010 13:59
Don't worry guys - I'm back.

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