when i'm sleping with my gf dont see any nice dreams why pls tell me?

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  • when i'm sleping with my gf dont see any nice dreams why pls tell me?


Answer #1 | 30/08 2006 13:19
Well if your not having any dreams I would say you are very comfortable. If you are having bad dreams I would say maybe in your sub conscience you are not fully comfortable with sharing a bed with her, so its coming out in your dreams. I had a similar problem when i first started sleeping with my boyfriend who is now my husband. I would always have terrible dreams that made me feel so uneasy. But after a while they went away and now I hardly remember any of my dreams. I wouldn't worry about it too much dreams are just something that occur when you have something on your mind before you go to sleep. Usually if you can remember your dream and you can remember what you were thinking about right before you fell asleep you can make some kind of connection between the two. Hope I helped.
Answer #2 | 30/08 2006 15:41
You are probably distracted enough by her being there that you are not, sleeping deeply enough to experience REM sleep. (Stands for rapid eye movement...if you watch someone dreaming you can see their eyes moving behind their lids while they dream.) Once you get used to sleeping together your normal sleep pattern (dreams) will probably reoccur.
Answer #3 | 30/08 2006 19:43
you should dine out with your gf, then maybe youll see some nice dreams

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