When does a purple moose eat yellow onions?

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  • When does a purple moose eat yellow onions?


Answer #1 | 18/06 2006 18:52
About 3.24am PST I did read the additional, I was wondering when I read the question if I'd missed something, so I clicked to check if you had additional details and sure enough you did, people who report look at additional details as that's been the reason for some of my questions being deleted, someone said the additional details weren't a question/answer, but the actual question was, how stupid is that!
Answer #2 | 18/06 2006 18:52
It is because of the extended details I answer questions, if a question doesn't have one I tend not to answer it...unless its very long and very dull.
Answer #3 | 18/06 2006 18:52
I don't think very many people read the details, they just want the points.
Answer #4 | 18/06 2006 19:12
well at least four
Answer #5 | 18/06 2006 21:30
I read both! And about your purple moose....I think he ate some wild mushrooms first!!!
Answer #6 | 20/06 2006 11:34
well, what's white, black, and "read" all over? i read both... so ha!!! i , in my supieority, will now answer BOTH questions!!! (what a loser!!! c'mon, i mean, what kind of IDIOT puts a purple moose trivia in the "Switzerland dining" category??)
Answer #7 | 19/06 2006 09:10
I agree with most of your responses - most people are going for points. I've seen some ridiculous one and 2 word answers and just some plain rude answers by some people who are just in it to rack up the points. Why? Not sure, but maybe it has something to do with their upbringing. An excellent question, by the way. And now I'll have nightmares of purple mooses (is that the correct plural?)
Answer #8 | 19/06 2006 04:03
I always go for the more obscure or interesting questions. then double check the further info before i answer.

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