When did AJ Styles and CM Punk start dating?

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  • When did AJ Styles and CM Punk start dating?


Answer #1 | 03/05 2014 23:11
You mean AJ Lee. I don't know when they started dating. Probably around the time they started feuding together:
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Answer #2 | 03/05 2014 23:27
AJ Lee dumbass not AJ Styles
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Answer #3 | 03/05 2014 23:14
I think you are confusing AJ styles with AJ lee.
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Answer #4 | 03/05 2014 23:15
I didn't know they were dating but that's just insane
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Answer #5 | 03/05 2014 23:18
CM Punk is dating AJ Lee, not AJ Styles.
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Answer #6 | 03/05 2014 22:50
AJ STYLES?? WOW! That was... WOW! You mean "AJ Lee". Wow, I cannot believe what I just read.
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Answer #8 | 03/05 2014 22:56
This was so bad Bret Hart wouldn't give it a 4/10.
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Answer #11 | 03/05 2014 23:57
it is aj lee
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