When and how to kiss for the first time?

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  • When and how to kiss for the first time?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 23:14
don't kiss her at the movies. start slow. like you go out on a date and you're walking her home. just before she goes into her house, tell her you enjoyed the date and lean in for a kiss on her cheek. it's just going to be a peck so kiss her cheek and back off. smile. and say i'll see you tomorrow! do that a few more times and I think u'll build up the confidence to kiss her directly on the lips. either that or she gets annoyed waiting on you and will take the lead, XD. if u'r past the pecking on the cheek part, and you're ready to kiss her on the lips, let it be a quick peck on the lips. definitely don't stick your tongue into her mouth. don't get grabby either and start copping a feel. go with the flow, you can probably hold her lower back if she's comfortable with that.
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 23:15
okay get a little jewelry box and give it to her at 11:59 and it has a hersheys kiss and a note inside that says 'our first kiss' and then when shes opening her mouth to say "aw" or whatever then it will be midnight and kiss her lightly. it will be perfect. the kissing "technique" comes naturally. :)
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