whats your most embarrasing moment?

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  • whats your most embarrasing moment?


Answer #1 | 14/09 2006 16:11
My most embarrasing moment was when I was in high school and I was voguing down the halls when this guy that I liked saw me.
Answer #2 | 14/09 2006 16:17
My embarrasing moment was when I fell down in front of my Girl friend. I am 14 years old.
Answer #3 | 14/09 2006 16:14
I was driving and at a stop light by a lake when I saw two young women walking the lake. One was cute and I started staring at her and was so attracted to her, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her lovely face. She noticed that I was looking at her and I smile at her and winked my eye; she then gave me a sincerely serious stare and waved her hand. With puppy dog eyes and infatuated, I waved back. Then I heard a loud "HOOOOOONK!~!!! Move you idiot! the light's been green for 10 seconds!!" Evidently, this cute vixen was waving me in order to allow the flow of traffic to continue. Boy did I turn into a little bug and hovered away at the speed of sound after that one....
Answer #4 | 14/09 2006 16:20
There's a woman at work I was interested in. I was walking into a building as she was exiting she looked in my direction smiled and said, "Hi nice to see you again." I smiled back and waved to her, before I could say anything I heard someone walking behind me. She was talking to him not me.
Answer #5 | 14/09 2006 16:59
Was in the act of "doing" myself when I was seen thru my bedroom window by my brother and my best friend when I was 15.
Answer #6 | 15/09 2006 15:54
The most embarrasing point of my whole life had to have been when I laughed so hard... while on a horse... in front of the guy I really liked... peed on the horses back. And then I got bucked off!!! How embarrasing
Answer #7 | 14/09 2006 17:30
when i eat in front of the one i love

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