whats the zip code of switzerland?

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  • whats the zip code of switzerland?


Answer #1 | 18/08 2006 09:39
im sure switzerland is big enough to have more than one zip code.
Answer #2 | 18/08 2006 09:40
Answer #3 | 18/08 2006 09:39
Zip codes represent areas in the US. Other countries have a similar system, i.e. postal codes in Canada. But the country of Switzerland does not have its own zip code per se.
Answer #4 | 18/08 2006 09:40
If you are looking for the postal code of a particular town, see postal codes on the website of the Swiss postal service:
Answer #5 | 18/08 2006 09:44
Oh my good.. We have around around 26 basic Zip's for each canton. Use following link to find out the Zip code of the place you wanna send something. You can write the city's name in the box marked as "Ort"..
Answer #6 | 18/08 2006 12:22
That's like asking for the zip code of the United States.
Answer #7 | 18/08 2006 10:39
Zip codes are for the US. Many other countries have postal codes. There are no country codes like for phone calls.

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