whats the prosses of pulling wisdom teeth out?

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  • whats the prosses of pulling wisdom teeth out?


Answer #1 | 13/04 2011 02:07
tooth extraction
Answer #2 | 13/04 2011 02:10
When I got mine done, I got all 4 out. Basically what happend is they put a needle in your arm and after a few moments, you're basically out of it. You're not asleep, your just barely aware of whats going on. And trust me, you cant feel ANYTHING thats happening. After that, the dentist basically chips away at your gums, methodically pulls the teeth out so as to prevent major damage, and then the surgery is done and you slowly regain awareness. The fun is during the following days where you have gauze in your mouth ALL the time because your mouth just wont stop bleeding. Eating is also an issue. BTW, you will look like a squirrel and it will be funny and everyone will laugh.
Answer #3 | 15/04 2011 20:56
The dentist will numb you for sure, this depend on the condition of your tooth or number of your teeth need to be done. I never heard that the dentist need to put the client into completely sleeping mode, unless the client threaten the dentist at work.(I had seen how the vet pulled the tooth of the sleeping lion in discovery channel) I have done a quick research and found one video clip which clearly answer all of your questions. So just follow this link I used to do one of mine 30 years ago, but I think today's dentist technology is much better than my day and surely you will get less pain and faster recover.

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