Whats the cost of living in brazil?

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  • Whats the cost of living in brazil?


Answer #1 | 14/10 2012 08:55
im not sure, but im 100% sure that it doesn't matter because its so worth it :) heres a link that might help tho: enjoy mate :3
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Answer #3 | 15/10 2012 08:55
cost of living in Brazil is very expensive, there are many taxes . Brazilians tolerate such high taxes and import duties that make everything, especially home products, electronics and cars, unbelievably expensive. And for business owners, following the rules and paying all your taxes makes it almost impossible to be profitable. As a result, corruption and bribes in business and government are commonplace. The bureaucracy, laws and high taxes exist to provide the opportunity for the corrupt to facilitate "working around" the system. Meanwhile the consumer is forced to bear an extraordinarily high cost of.
Answer #4 | 15/10 2012 13:43
Depends if your a farmer you dont get taxed so thats good.Rent for a house could be as low as 200R per month which isnt that bad of course this is for a life in the South.

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