What you usually do in Ramadhan? Except fasting for sure.?

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  • What you usually do in Ramadhan? Except fasting for sure.?


Anonymous795430 | 16/09 2017 22:01
I definitely do not worship the Allah of the muslims or their prophet ! Instead I ask God to forgive the greediness of religious leaders and beg God to forgive us our breaking of his original laws he gave to moses.
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Anonymous318465 | 20/01 2018 08:57
I tell people what the Qur'an says instead of the ridiculous lies about Islam means peace garbage. My parents taught me the truth about Islam when i was very young , about six yrs. Old . My father would not allow my mother or me and my sisters , and my brothers, to enter Egypt for fear we would be raped. In Islam , Alyshias hadith ( Sahihl Bukhari ) her being extremely young, 8 , that her own mother removed her from her play area without her friends one day , to dress her in wedding garb , to marry her to a 54 year old man ( muhammed ) . Not only that , but in hadith ( bukhari ) young boys are described as pearls to be used by muslim males for all eternity. My parents loved their children very very much . They did not lie to us , but required all of us to read entire Qur'an . My parents told us the truth. Reading Quran and hadith prove it. Slavery is legal in Shari Islamic law even in the USA. Read and refuse slavery !
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Anonymous285033 | 10/08 2017 22:07
I pray that muslims will cease oppressing nonmuslims .
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Anonymous606200 | 05/08 2017 06:18
I pray that the real and only god will teach us that .murdering and enslaving others because of their religion is evil and must be stopped.
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Anonymously | 20/01 2018 09:30
I believe in the one God Who does not need or want slaves. God already formed all that is. It is the antithesis of goodness that God would hate any of us God formed that God would enslave any of us . Slavery is not necessary .
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Answer #6 | 06/06 2017 06:50
watch tv, sleep, listen to music etc. I'd imagine
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Answer #7 | 06/06 2017 06:50
I avoid crowded areas.
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Anonymously | 20/01 2018 09:19
I pray God will give true balance to all life and free us all from political and religious slavery.
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Anonymous468094365 | 01/01 2018 04:22
I learn to believe in GOD. Muhammed could never be not designated to be a saviour to anyone and he could only pretend. Like Joseph Smith , three different stories , but only a pure and perfect and almihty being can be Saviour to all of this planet.and universe
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Anonymously | 20/01 2018 09:17
I pray God will give true balance to all life and free us all from political and religious slavery.
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Anonymous27467 | 20/01 2018 09:38
Only an unreal "god " would add to , or subtract from, the original law God gave to Moses. Study the Koran. It has no peace, and disobeys the original ten commands given to Moses.
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Answer #12 | 06/06 2017 06:53
the same thing I do everyday, the only thing I add in my prayer is tarawih prayer.
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Answer #13 | 06/06 2017 06:57
Salam.I usually do taraweeh prayer after isa fard prayer of 11 rakaats including witr of 3 rakaats,make dzikir and duas every night.I often make tahajjud prayer if I wake up about two hours before fajr prayer.Besides that I usually read/recite the Qur'an almost every day.
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Answer #14 | 06/06 2017 07:29
Fasting is only for one month in a year. We lead normal lives in the rest of the year and obey our code of conduct sincerely.
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Anonymous 529507 | 20/01 2018 09:48
I worship the God of Moses. Not the same god of Mohammed. Everyday i worship the one God of Moses.
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